Monday, December 21, 2015

family day | batsto village

 last month John took us on a little family adventure to Batsto Village. when his job relocated him, he came across this place & knew that I would love it. we decided we would take the drive (about an hour), explore the area, then grab lunch! getting away from the hustle and bustle of day to day life, was a treat in itself. but to be able to do that, with my family - you can't beat that!

the second we got there, this little one made a friend.
exploring with daddy.
and with mama! she is obsessed with rocks + leaves.

always dancing! 
the most beautiful girl in the world.
following the rules, as usual.
taking it all in. 
ending the day with a cookie!

we had no idea, but Batsto Village is actually really well known in the photography world. it was gorgeous! hopefully we will be able to go back + do a photoshoot soon! 


rocksbox | month 1

if this is the first time you guys are hearing about RocksBox, check a few posts back to see what they are all about - you will fall in love, just like i did!

this month, i received my first box literally just as i was heading out to a Christmas party, perfect timing right?! i immediately took off the necklace i had on, and put on one of the items!

i told you guys i would share each month, so here is my first RocksBox!

honestly, at first - i was in love with this chunky piece. it was the perfect addition to my holiday outfit that i wore that night. then the next day, i really fell in love. this dainty, gorgeous necklace stole the show. it's exactly the sparkle you can add daily. especially with a curious toddler, the chunky necklace wasn't very practical. but i have been wearing this one almost every day!

be sure to check out my full post about RocksBox - and use code GNICCCCCXOXO when checking out to get your first month FREE!


Friday, December 11, 2015

holiday gift idea | rocksbox

YOU GUYS! i am so excited to share this news with you! the amazing company RocksBox reached out to me recently, and wanted to team up! who would turn that down!? 

if you haven't heard of RocksBox, here is what you need to know:

-- for $19 a month, you'll receive a personally curated (via your style profile) box
containing 3 pieces of designer jewelry valued at an average of $200

-- wear the items all over town, then ship your
set back to RockBox (shipping is always free) as often as you want!

-- in love with a piece? when you sign up as a Shine Insider,
you'll have $10 each month to put towards any jewelry purchase


RocksBox has been super generous in giving me a
coupon code for my amazing readers, to get your first box FREE!

just sign up, take the style survey, and enter code
GNICCCCCXOXO at check out!

hello, amazing gift idea!

I will be sharing some of my pieces each month with you guys on here & over on my instagram page @GNICCCCC, so be sure to check out both to see how I styled them - mommy chic!

I can't wait for you guys to join RocksBox & spice up your jewelry collection!

thanks for stopping by,


Friday, December 4, 2015

tinyprints | promo code

super quick post, but just wanted to share some tinyprints promo codes with you guys,
incase you needed to order some prints for the holidays!

they are all for 30% off and free shipping

but, they are only 1 time uses, so if one doesn't work, try the next one!






Wednesday, December 2, 2015

christmas photoshoot | danielle hughes photography

HAPPY DECEMBER! we had our much anticipated christmas shoot with danielle hughes photography this week, and of course every single shot was perfection. it took me 3 days to finally decide on the one for our christmas card, but i thought i would share some of the others with you guys!

don't forget, there's still time to snag that 20% off your 2016 session with danielle hughes photography - just check one post back for complete details!

danielle had the perfect location for us, and she never steers us wrong! i may have to send out a "new years" card just to use more of these shots - i can't get enough! thanks for stopping by!


Friday, November 27, 2015

photoshoot | danielle hughes photography

there's something to be said about a mom with a vision, a woman with passion, and a beautiful growing friendship. enter danielle hughes photography. i seriously wish i could write the largest testimonial on her life, not just her amazing business - but i am hoping this will do. 

the first time we shot with Danielle, was for Mila's upcoming first birthday. we had chatted prior about our "vision", and she literally finished all of my sentences. she knew exactly what i wanted captured, and she delivered, plus some.

immediately after that shoot, we booked her for Mila's birthday party. i explained that she would be there as a guest, so eat & drink, but snap a few moments between Mila, myself & John. once again, she went above and beyond. i was completely in awe when i was sent the final photos.

and as you guessed it, she will be behind the lens for our Christmas shoot!  we have been discussing our ideas and are super excited to see everything come to life!

ready for the best part?!

Danielle and I would like to offer my readers an exclusive 20% off promo code!

book your 2016 session before the end of the year
mention promo code TFBLOG
receive 20% off your entire session

how freakin' amazing?!

i strongly suggest you guys check out her Instagram & Facebook page, and grab some popcorn because you won't be getting up for a while! whether you have an upcoming party, wedding or even baby on the way, be sure to shoot Danielle an email, to discuss any questions regarding dates, locations & availability!


Wednesday, November 25, 2015

recipe | mini apple pies

since tomorrow is thanksgiving, i know its a little late to make these - but i wanted to share anyways. these are good for anytime of the year, even christmas! super easy, little prep .. and everyone loves them! hope everyone enjoys these & has a great thanksgiving!

what you'll need:

pillsbury pie crust (2 pack)
3 apples
vanilla extract
brown sugar
cinnamon sugar

what you'll do:

heat your oven to 450 degrees
thaw your crust

while your crust is getting room temp, peel & core your apples
dice them up tiny, about 1/2 inch max

in a bowl, combine apples, sugar (2 tablesoons), flour (1 tablespoon), cinnamon (a few dashes), vanilla extract (1 teaspoon), and brown sugar/cinnamon sugar (a few dashes)

mix until all apple pieces are coated evenly

now you'll want to cut your pie crust into "muffin pan" sizes .. i used a pint glass for this

the original recipe said i would get 10 pies, but i wound up with 12

place pie crust into your ungreased muffin tin

then put your apple mixture into each mini pie

once your oven is ready, pop them in for 18 minutes

allow to cool for 30 minutes, then serve!

i served with vanilla ice cream & caramel drizzle - wahoo!

hope you guys enjoy!